Conservative Wiltshire Council and the Great British Spring Clean

Conservative Wiltshire Council and the Great British Spring Clean

Originally scheduled to take place on 3-5 March, the litter picks planned as part of the Great British Spring Clean had to be rescheduled for 23-25 March due to snow.

• Wiltshire Council Community Engagement Managers worked with their communities to encourage them to organise litter picks and they distributed rubbish collection sacks, litter pickers and tabards.

• The council created a leaflet and webpage, offering a step-by-step guide that showed schools and community groups how to get involved.

This spring clean effort is an integral part of the Conservative Council's drive to engage volunteers in community improvements.

Headline figures

• 71 litter picks took place over the weekend, with more scheduled over the next six weeks. In total, at least 111 litter picks will take place. This is down on last year’s figure (157) due to the poor weather leading to cancellations.

• 1,315 volunteers of all ages took part.

• Approximately 1,260 bags of rubbish were collected, which equates to 7.4 tonnes.

• Our social media campaign has reached 42,000+ people so far – this will increase over the next few days.

• More than 1,656 people have visited the Wiltshire Council Clean Up Wilts webpage containing information about the Clean Up Wilts roadshows and the Great British Spring Clean.

by Jonathon Seed,