All the fun of the fair at science and engineering event

All the fun of the fair at science and engineering event

School children from across Wiltshire headed for County Hall, Trowbridge, to enjoy a peek into the future.

They were guests at Science and Engineering: What Wiltshire Council has to Offer - a day of presentations and exhibitions for pupils and teachers.

Baroness Jane Scott OBE, Conservative leader of Wiltshire Council, opened the event. She said:

It's an honour to host so many visitors from the worlds of business, academia, research, recruitment and schools and colleges.

We have so many resources we are eager to share with schools and colleges teachers, pupils and students. We'd love to talk to you about what we can offer.

Not enough young people especially girls think it's a career for them. That costs us so much potential talent, and it robs the youngsters of a chance to pursue a fascinating and satisfying profession.

It's thrilling to think that today's event could inspire one, or two, or perhaps even more Wiltshire students to follow such a noble calling.

The Conservative-led council supports the profession by offering many engineering apprenticeships to young people from the county.

The opening session featured presentations by an array of experts in engineering.

In the second session the Atrium welcomed visitors, including schools, to a wide range of exhibitions from employers, universities and other organisations heavily linked with science and engineering.

Carol Sampey, an area mentor from the Primary Science Teaching Trust, said:

Children love science and engineering, and events like this are wonderful. They open young eyes to all the amazing opportunities these subjects offer.

Andrea Liddiard, a class teacher from Churchfields Primary School, Atworth, said:

Our children have loved their visit, and I have made so many contacts and picked up so many resources which are going to be a huge help in our science lessons.

I only wish we could have brought the whole school along.

by Hollis Butler,