Conservative Councillor Inspects Gritting Fleet

Conservative Councillor Inspects Gritting Fleet

"All systems go" is the message from our winter maintenance team as the gritting operation gets an inspection from the Conservative portfolio holder for highways, Atiqul Hoque.

The team has already been out ten times, and is ready to keep the county's roads running smoothly over the next few months.

Since the end of last winter, the council has been servicing its 24 gritting vehicles, amending and testing gritting routes, and developing closer working arrangements with parishes and other agencies.

Atiqul Hoque, portfolio holder for highways has been busy inspecting the winter gritting fleet and also paid a visit to the weather control room, to ensure the systems are all working correctly.  He said: 

We have a very dedicated team in highways who do an amazing job in difficult conditions, to ensure we are fully prepared for this coming winter.

We can never predict how severe a winter will be, but the wealth of experience we have means we will be in the best position possible should bad weather hit the county.

On average it can take up to 140 tonnes of salt to grit Wiltshire's A and B class roads and 230 tonnes to salt an extended network during prolonged cold weather.

During severe weather local farmers also have an important role to play, with many clearing snow in their local areas when required.

People can have updates on both the weather and road conditions on Twitter by following @WiltshireWinter and @WiltshireRoads

by Hollis Butler,