Conservative-run Wiltshire Council supports Dry January

Conservative-run Wiltshire Council supports Dry January

Following the busy Christmas party season, Dry January is a great way to kick start the new year.

Conservative-run Wiltshire Council is again supporting this annual campaign, which is run by Alcohol Concern and supports you to quit drinking for the whole of January.

There are a number of reasons to take part in Dry January: it will help you to lose weight, save money (particularly helpful after the expensive festive period) and overall making you healthier and feel better. If financial and health reasons aren't enough, you can also get involved to raise money for a worthy cause. Whatever the motivation, there is support available.

Reducing intake slightly can make a huge difference to your health. Giving up alcohol for a whole month gives your body time to recover, leading you to be able to change your relationship with alcohol for the long term. The recommendation is that people have at least three consecutive days alcohol-free each week.

There is lots of support available from Alcohol Concern and Wiltshire Council. If you want some dedicated professional support then our health trainers are here to help and guide you every step of the way to a healthier lifestyle. To see a health trainer, please fill in the online referral form, ring 0300 003 4566 or email

Wiltshire Council's substance misuse services are also always on hand to offer advice and support. For free confidential advice, please contact them on 0345 603 6993 or More information, including the referral form, can be found on the Wiltshire Council website.

Alcohol Concern has launched a dedicated app to support your Dry January efforts. The app provides you with a progress calendar, money and calories saved tracker and additional support should you need it. You can find the app, called Dry January and Beyond on the Apple app store or Google Play.

Wiltshire Council Conservative cabinet member for public health, Jerry Wickham, said:

After a busy festive period of over-indulgence, January is the ideal time to start thinking about making healthier choices and getting the new year off on a healthier start.

We'd love to see friends, family and colleagues all joining in Dry January together and encouraging each other every step of the way, with professional support there if needed.
Too much alcohol can lead to a number of health problems so managing what you drink can make a huge difference.

Throughout the month Wiltshire Council will be providing facts, stats and information to support anyone taking place. Please keep an eye on their website and

More information about Dry January can be found on the Alcohol Concern website.

To find out more about your alcohol consumption and to provide an indication whether you need to consider making some lifestyle changes please complete this short survey.

by Hollis Butler,