Conservative-run Wiltshire Council wins yet another award

Conservative-run Wiltshire Council wins yet another award

Conservative-run Wiltshire Council has struck lucky yet again, having recently been awarded for its work to improve engagement with staff.

Wiltshire Council was the only local authority to be shortlisted in the Engage Awards, a national awards ceremony, and was recognised for its use of innovation in staff engagement.  The Council's Corporate Director for growth, investment and place, Alistair Cunningham, attended the ceremony alongside members of the council's employee engagement group, #EPIC.

What is #EPIC?

Wiltshire Council’s employee engagement group #EPIC launched in January 2017. #EPIC impressions is their new employee recognition initiative and allows staff to congratulate their colleagues online for great work, automatically sends an email to their manager letting them know what a fantastic job they are doing and permanently reflects their valuable contribution in the HR system where it can be added to appraisals.

Team #EPIC is doing a phenomenal job across the council and is made up of volunteers who had donated their time and skills (on top of their day job) to help make Wiltshire Council an even better place to work.

In Wiltshire's People Strategy 2017-2027, the priorities are based on our three brand pillars. The brand pillars describe our values and are:

Empowering People

Our staff are empowered to deliver services to our customers and are encouraged to find new ways of working to improve the customer experience. Suggestions are welcomed and opportunities are explored in order to maximise service delivery.


Our systems, practices and policies are progressive and enable our staff to have improved flexibility in their roles, transparent career opportunities and the ability to share knowledge and expertise with each other for the benefit of our communities.


We provide a supportive culture where we work together to achieve more. We listen to our staff, partners and communities and do things with rather than to them. We use our strengths to help each other, and welcome new perspectives. Put simply, we know we can achieve much, much more when we work closely with, listen to and support others.

It was from these brand pillars and the employee promise the #EPIC was born (empowering people, innovation and collaboration), and the brand pillars embedded in the recruitment process.

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