Conservative Wiltshire Council agrees transfer of assets to Salisbury City Council

Conservative Wiltshire Council agrees transfer of assets to Salisbury City Council

The transfer of responsibility for a package of buildings, facilities and services from Wiltshire Council to Salisbury City Council has been formally completed.

The transfer of services and assets includes the Market Place, properties, a new CCTV system, Shopmobility, play areas and maintenance services. Both parties have worked together to deliver a smooth transition and to complete the legal documentation.

The complete transfer package includes:

  • The responsibility within the Salisbury boundary for service delivery including Shopmobility and grounds maintenance;
  • A Wiltshire Council-funded upgraded CCTV system for Salisbury, which is in the process of being implemented. The service will be run from the council’s Bourne Hill offices, which is also home to Wiltshire Police, to enable partnership working;
  • The transfer of Section 106 monies for projects within the Salisbury City Council boundary;
  • The transfer of ownership of nine property assets – including the Market Place and its public conveniences, monuments and a range of other properties;
  • The grant of leases and management of three public conveniences in Wiltshire Council’s city centre car parks.

Conservative Councillor Stuart Wheeler, Cabinet Member responsible for the asset transfer said:

Salisbury is a beautiful city and the destination for many visitors. It is appropriate that Salisbury City Council manages local services and facilities; such as the Market Place, which is a key feature in the city.  

Both organisations have worked together to secure this major transfer of assets and services and to make sure that a successful transition has taken place. This is the first major transfer to be implemented and reflects Wiltshire Council’s commitment to devolving services and facilities to local town and parishes, that are best placed to deliver local services.

Reg Williams, Salisbury City Council Clerk said: 

The transfer of assets will enable the Council to deliver a wider range of services in the City and will ensure that our residents continue to benefit from the improved maintenance and care that Salisbury City Council currently provides but on a much larger scale.

by Hollis Butler,