Conservatives increase majority at Wiltshire Council

Conservatives increase majority at Wiltshire Council

The Conservative Party has increased its majority at Wiltshire Council, securing 68 out of 98 seats.

The Liberal Democrats lost two seats, as well as its group leader, while Labour lost one of its four seats and UKIP lost its only one.

Turnout for the county-wide vote was nearly 40%, the council confirmed.

The Conservatives gained seven seats to hold more than two-thirds of the Wiltshire Council chamber, while the Lib Dems now hold 20, Independents seven and Labour three.

Lib Dem opposition leader Glenis Ansell lost her seat in Calne North to the Tories.

Baroness Jane Scott, the current Conservative council leader, said the Tories had "started to make inroads into the market towns". She said,

I've been a councillor for over 20 years and those market towns for a long, long time were dominated by the Liberal Democrats.

We're just beginning now to really change that, quite considerably, and that's quite important because we don't want a spilt county - rural and urban - we want a totally united county.

Sourced from BBC News website, written 5 May 2017, available here:

by Hollis Butler,