Consultation response helps shape future parking charges for Wiltshire

Consultation response helps shape future parking charges for Wiltshire

An inflationary increase will be applied to all parking charges from 1 February 2018, after 63% of those who responded to a recent consultation supported the increase.

There were around 1,400 responses to the consultation into a review of car parking charges in Wiltshire, aiming to help minimise the impact of funding challenges on public transport and other services. More than six in ten of those who responded stated they thought the increase should come from an inflationary rise over other any alternative.

The increase will also fund investment in customer service including automatic number plate recognition for residents' parking zones, static cameras outside schools to improve safety and body worn cameras.

Other funding opportunities submitted from consultees were considered and we are grateful for all the proposals.

Bridget Wayman, Conservative cabinet member for highways and transport, said: 

I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to this important consultation, it really has helped us decide on this first option.
We don't want to increase parking charges, however they have not increased since 2011 and the cost of operating car parks and public transport is rising. Along with the increasing demand on our budget, we have increased parking charges to mitigate some service reductions.
It is vital we strike the right balance between covering the increasing costs and supporting local communities. I believe this decision, while extremely difficult, will provide the best result when viewed across all of the services we deliver.

The consultation ended at midnight on 23 November. The responses to options two to seven are currently being collated, and a report will be taken to cabinet on 30 January for a decision. This will be subject to further consultation, if approved.

by Hollis Butler,