Family learning is on the right track in Wiltshire

Family learning is on the right track in Wiltshire

A service which helps parents and carers gain qualifications and skills while supporting their children's learning is moving in the right direction according to the latest Ofsted report.

Wiltshire Council's Family Learning Service delivers targeted courses through schools and Children's Centres to help people gain skills to support their children with learning. Additionally, learners are given the opportunity to gain English and maths qualifications and are supported to reconnect with learning and prepare them for progression to further learning, employment or volunteering.

Ofsted inspectors gave the team a "requires improvement" which is one step above the previous grading. The inspectors praised us for making "good" progress in carrying out the recommendations from its previous inspection stating the service has the capacity to improve further.

They note the well-designed curriculum engages well learners who are disadvantaged and those with low confidence and few qualifications. They improve their English and mathematical skills and gain functional skills qualifications in these subjects.

Learners benefit from good resources for learning and are supported well by the team of "committed and well qualified tutors." This helps learners quickly acquire confidence and the desire to learn quickly and gain qualifications.

It states: 

They improve their parenting and interpersonal skills and many embark on courses that benefit them and their families.

Ofsted has given a number of points to continue the improvement in the service including tutors ensuring learners fully understand the information given to them and discussion include longer term goals to raise learners' aspirations.

Laura Mayes, Conservative cabinet member for children said: 

This is a valuable service for families which provides support for those who want to help their own children with their learning but also raise their own ambitions and acquire the skills to achieve their goals. 
I'm pleased Ofsted has recognised we are on the right track and we are already working on the points they mention so we continue to provide an effective and valuable service for our families.

A link to the report is available on the Ofsted website.

by Hollis Butler,