Free car parking to continue after 3pm in Salisbury and Amesbury

Free car parking to continue after 3pm in Salisbury and Amesbury

Shoppers and visitors are being encouraged to come to Salisbury and Amesbury this autumn and in the build-up to this year's festive period.

Wiltshire Council-operated car parks in Salisbury city centre and Amesbury town centre are free after 3pm Monday to Sunday from now until Christmas Eve.

Pauline Church, Conservative cabinet member for Salisbury recovery, said:

Free parking was implemented by the council to encourage shoppers and visitors into Salisbury and Amesbury following the incidents this year. Recognising the need to continue to support local traders and businesses, the council has agreed to continue with free after 3pm parking right up to Christmas. This year's festive shopping period is even more important for our traders and businesses given the challenges they have faced in the past few months. We need to do all we can to continue to encourage people to come to Salisbury and Amesbury and enjoy the array of shops, restaurants and attractions on offer. I'm delighted that the council has also agreed that the five park and ride services that serve Salisbury will be free Monday to Saturday, and I would urge people to use them and help to reduce congestion and improve air quality in the city.

Alistair Cunningham, chair of the South Wiltshire Recovery Coordinating Group, said:

Free parking has had a positive effect on footfall. It's important that we continue to support the local economy in Salisbury and Amesbury; particularly in the lead up to the Christmas trading period.
The good news is that both Salisbury and Amesbury are getting back to normal We are working with the owners of all the affected sites in both the Salisbury and Amesbury town centres, aiming for them to be open in time for Christmas.

The council has contributed £1.5m towards the cost of providing free parking since March. Some of this cost is being met by central government in support of the recovery of both Salisbury and Amesbury.


  • Brown Street East - Maximum stay 3 hours
  • Brown Street West - Maximum stay 3 hours
  • Central - Maximum stay all day
  • Central - Maximum stay 3 hours
  • College Street - Maximum stay all day
  • Culver Street - Maximum stay all day
  • Five Rivers Leisure Centre - Maximum stay 3 hours
  • Maltings - Maximum stay 3 hours
  • Millstream - Maximum stay all day
  • Salt Lane - Maximum stay 3 hours


  • Central - Maximum stay 3 hours

by Hollis Butler,