Furlong Close update

Furlong Close update

The care home and supported living facility and land is owned by Hft, who also deliver the provision of care.

In February 2021, Hft sent a letter to Wiltshire Council and the other local authorities who have placed their residents there, serving 90 days' notice of termination of services at the site. Wiltshire Council has 21 residents living at Furlong Close with 13 others from 12 other local authorities.

Conservative led Wiltshire Council was conducting a tender process to find an alternative provider of services at Furlong Close.

There was interest in the market from providers, however the council has chosen to end the procurement as it now has additional information regarding the site which includes costs and terms of the lease, TUPE information and indicative costs of care provision. This is legally known as abandoning the procurement due to a change in economic and factual circumstances.

Having considered the relevant circumstances, the council considers that a new procurement exercise would be expedient and in the public interest.

Although this means the timescales for resolving the issue of a provider will be extended, there will be no immediate change to the arrangements for care at Furlong Close.

The council has agreed terms with Hft for them to continue providing a service at the site and residents will receive care and support as usual.

Conservative Cllr Jane Davies, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care said:

These changes mean the timescales for resolving Furlong Close will be extended. However, most importantly, I want to reassure residents and their families there is no immediate change to the arrangements for care at Furlong Close. All people at Furlong Close will continue to receive the care and support they need and can be assured that we are doing all we can to resolve this situation as soon as possible. We will be meeting with family and friends again in early June to discuss the latest developments."

by Charlie Monro,