Latest Wiltshire COVID-19 cases & People aged over 25 can now book their COVID-19 vaccine

Latest Wiltshire COVID-19 cases & People aged over 25 can now book their COVID-19 vaccine

Although we've seen a slight increase, overall COVID-19 cases remain low in the county and well below the national average. Numbers were expected to increase as restrictions were lifted. Public Health consultant Rachel Kent commented on the latest data in Wiltshire;

Wiltshire has an average case rate of around 12.6 per 100,000 which is well below the national average. We always expected to see numbers creep up as more restrictions were lifted, and when you're starting from such a low baseline even a small number of new cases can make the data seem dramatic. We are currently not seeing anything in our data which is causing us concern, however, we work very closely with our health colleagues and should there be any changes we'll be in a position to act quickly.

People need to keep following the advice and basic behaviours that still are proven to be the best way to protect each other from COVID-19 - this means keep washing hands regularly or sanitising them, wear a face mask where required, socially distance as much as possible, and if you have COVID-19 symptoms, please book a test and self-isolate immediately, and get the vaccine when offered it.

Please keep playing your part to keep case numbers low!

People aged over 25 can now book their COVID-19 vaccine

For Covid-19 vaccinations, please secure all appointments using the National Booking Service, which is available over the phone by calling 119 or online at

Anyone who is currently eligible, which is all people aged 25 and over, as well as anybody aged 16 and over with an underlying health condition, should use the National Booking Service, and not wait to be contacted by their GP practice. 

Appointment slots for first and second doses are available at all location vaccination sites.

The NHS appreciates that, at times, the system can be busy and some people’s first choice vaccination site may not be listed, but please be assured there are enough appointment slots to go around, so keep trying.

New clinics in locations such as community pharmacies are being set up all the time, and this will help make it easier to book appointments closer to home and places of work or education.   

by Charlie Monro,