Wiltshire Council annual public health report released

Wiltshire Council annual public health report released

With the year drawing to a close, Conservative-run Wiltshire Council's public health team has published its annual report highlighting the key role the team plays in promoting and protecting health and wellbeing.

Wiltshire Council's director of public health, Tracy Daszkiewicz, explains in the foreword the focus of this year's report. She says: 

The biggest dangers to our health today are from non-communicable diseases often linked to behaviours and lifestyles. To reflect this, the focus of this year's report is on health improvement associated with lifestyle and other factors.

The report reflects on the work of the public health service during 2016/17 and summarises that the health of Wiltshire's population is generally good and across many areas of health there is continuing improvement. However, the report also highlights some of the ongoing challenges the service faces including reducing the gap to ensure people live not just longer, but healthier lives.

Tracy adds: 

We are pleased with our progress over the past year and will continue to work in collaboration with our key partners to help people to live long and healthy lives.
Of course we still face a number of challenges, but as this report demonstrates, we have strong foundations in place to continue our positive work.

Jerry Wickham, Wiltshire Council Conservative cabinet member for public health, said: 

This report shows the importance of using public health data and the expertise of the public health team working collaboratively both within the council and with other partners to ensure we adopt a preventative approach to protect and improve the health of our population.

The report is broken down into a number of areas which include starting well, living well, ageing well, health protection, safeguarding and public protection, and health in all policies. It confirms that life expectancy for both men and women is higher than the England average at 80.8 and 84.0 years for males and females respectively.

The full Director of Public Health Wiltshire Council Annual Report for 2016-17 can be found online.

by Hollis Butler,