Conservative led Wiltshire Council's area board makes fantastic pledge

Conservative led Wiltshire Council's area board makes fantastic pledge

It is hoped with Malmesbury leading the way, other area boards will be inspired to make this change too. If all area boards do make this pledge then this could potentially save around 3,240 plastic cups going to landfill each year, based on 30 cups being used per area board meeting.

This will help Conservative led Wiltshire Council's efforts on climate change and support local community group, Malmesbury Against Plastic, who are on a mission to encourage the local residents and businesses of Malmesbury to reduce their usage of single use plastics.

John Thomson, chairman of Malmesbury Area Board, said: "This is a relatively simple thing to do but should have a positive impact. I hope other area boards follow our lead as it's important we all take responsibility for this global issue.

"If we all do our bit and make simple changes such as this then it will contribute to reducing plastic pollution of our planet."

A spokesperson for Malmesbury Against Plastic said: "This work has shown the power of individual action. If the other area boards in Wiltshire make similar pledges, then this one action has the potential to save over 3,000 cups from landfill - a fantastic result. 

"If people ever need convincing that their actions won't have an impact, then take a look at this example. Any action or habit change, no matter how large or small, will have a significant impact on the health of our planet."

The next Malmesbury Area Board takes place on Tuesday 7 May, 6-7pm with networking from 5.30pm, at the Assembly Hall in Malmesbury Town Hall, Cross Hayes, Malmesbury and all are welcome.

by Charlie Monro,