Wiltshire Primary School pupils achieve good grades

Wiltshire Primary School pupils achieve good grades

Wiltshire primary school children have achieved good grades for reading, writing and maths according to the latest government figures.

Performance tables released on 14 December by the Department for Education show children in Wiltshire have performed well in the three core subjects.

The assessments were introduced by the government in 2016 as part of a wider push to raise standards around a more demanding curriculum. Pupils are no longer assessed against levels, but instead have tests to show they have reached the expected standard in reading and maths, and teachers assess whether they have reached this standard in writing.

This year more than half of Wiltshire’s primary pupils reached the expected standard in all the three subjects of reading, writing and maths.

High proportions of pupils continue to make the expected gains in their knowledge and understanding in core subjects, achieving the expected standards in each of reading, writing and maths separately.

Laura Mayes, Conservative cabinet member for children, said:

This is the second year where our year 6 pupils have sat the tests, which have raised the bar in terms of academic standards. I’d like to congratulate our pupils, dedicated school staff, governors and parents for their commitment and hard work to achieve these results. We are never complacent as we look forward to continuing the hard work and partnership working to ensure all pupils can achieve their potential and are prepared for the challenges of secondary school education.

by Hollis Butler,