Alan MacRae

Alan MacRae

About Alan

Corsham and its residents are very important to me and I am very honoured to represent you at Wiltshire Council. I am a hard worker who likes to get the job done...

I will respond quickly to your enquiries and work to find the best solutions for your problems, although I do not promise to be successful every time. I appreciate this opportunity to give something back to the community which has been my home for over 20 years. Please contact me and I will do my best to help you.

I bought a house and stayed here until I retired from Active Service in 1998. I joined the Royal Air Force in 1979 and served as an Electronic Technician in UK, Germany and the Falkland Islands before I was commissioned as an Engineering Officer in 1987. Then I joined BT Defence, still working here in Corsham, until shortly before the Wiltshire Council elections in 2009, when I was made redundant at the start of the financial crisis because BT was cutting back on staff. 

I still keep my RAF connections and am involved as a Staff Officer on the Air Training Corps Junior Leader Course. I am married to Gladys, who is also involved with politics as the local Constituency Chairman of the Conservative Party. I have two children: my daughter is a schoolteacher in Melksham and my son is serving in the Royal Marines. 

Alan's Latest Projects

Putting Corsham First

It’s been a long time since Corsham had a rail service, and even longer since the station looked like that below, but the subject always comes up when I talk with Corsham residents.

This has been one of my priorities since first elected in 2009. We now have an opportunity too good to miss, and we are doing everything we can to secure a station and a service to Bath and Chippenham.

Wiltshire Council recently commissioned a study to look into a stopping service in Corsham and it shows that a service would be viable. I am pleased to report that I sit on a new committee which is actively taking the next steps.

This committee has support from local businesses, your MP, Michelle Donelan, Corsham Town Council, and your Wiltshire Councillors.

In addition, we are in talks with the Department for Transport, Metro West, and the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership, along with the relevant departments at Wiltshire Council.

For those who are interested in the details, the GRIP process for management and control of delivering projects on the operational railway is explained here: 

Of course, we have been fully involved in the ongoing electrification project, and have secured agreement from Network Rail that the design of the electric pylons, cables and supports in this area will allow for services to stop here.

Public transport

The recent decision by First to discontinue the 231 service between Bath and Chippenham would have caused real problems for many Corsham residents. We immediately began talks with Faresaver who have agreed to extend their X31 service.

Details of changes to X31 service are available to view on the timetables section of the Faresaver website:

We have also managed to protect the Corsham Town 10 service, and this is also available to view and download. Copies of new timetables will be available on buses from 25th April.


Is at the top of many a resident’s priority list. Each week I am advised of all applications within the Corsham Pickwick Division. 

Since June last year there have been over 100 individual applications, from simple tree pruning to large scale works on listed buildings. Most applications are straightforward, but some need a little intervention.  

If you are considering any building works to your property, and need assistance with the process, please get in touch.

I represent you at the following:

  • Full Council 
  • Corsham Area Board
  • Audit Committee
  • Environment Select Committee
  • Standards Committee
  • Better Care Plan Task Group
  • Braeside Management Board
  • Wiltshire Music Centre Board of Trustees
  • Corsham Children’s Centre Advisory Board   

The next Corsham Area Board dates are: 14 September 2016 and 23 November 2016