Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis

About Andrew

Dear Resident,

On May 4th you will have the opportunity to vote for a councillor
to represent you for the next four years. I am standing for reelection and I hope that I can rely on your vote...

I have lived in Warminster for all of my life, having attended New Close and Kingdown Schools. I have been self- employed for 36 years in my own carpet business and was first elected to Warminster Town Council in 1992, serving as the Mayor in 2002/03 and 2014/15. In the past I served as a District and County Councillor and since 2009 have been elected to Wiltshire Council representing Warminster East Division. 

As a local Councillor I have supported many highway improvements; Town centre regeneration, CCTV, the transfer of the public toilets and the Lake Pleasure Gardens from Wiltshire Council to Warminster Town Council and refurbishment of the Assembly Rooms to Civic Centre and Council Offices. 

I have been honoured to serve the people of Warminster East for many years at Town and Wiltshire Council levels and I ask for your support to allow me to continue to serve the community to the best of my ability. 

Yours sincerely ,

Andrew Davis 
Your Conservative Candidate for Warminster East

Andrew Davis - a strong, local voice fighting for our community.

Andrew has a good knowledge of all  aspects of council matters including Licensing, Housing, the Environment, Social Care, Highways and Transport. He has specialist knowledge of Wiltshire Council Planning and Children’s Services. 

He is currently the Chairman of Warminster Area Board made up of the local Councillors that serve Warminster and its surrounding areas. Through this committee a large number of local organisations have received grants for a wide variety of projects. 

Andrew also Chairs the Community Area Transport Group which tackles transport issues in the Warminster area. He has played a significant part in achieving new schemes including white lining, new pavements, dropped kerbs and major road improvements and he is fighting for the resurfacing of the Salisbury end of Boreham Road. 

There are a number of challenges ahead and he is acutely aware of issues including planning of large scale housing developments, speeding, car parking and highways improvements. 

If elected Andrew will continue his work with partners in Education, Adult Health Provision and children in the Council’s care.