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Atiqul Hoque

About Atiqul

The Residents of St Edmund and Milford in Salisbury have made history by choosing their first British Bangladeshi Councillor in Wiltshire! And what's more amazing is that this is the ward in which I first started my business back in 1997. I grew up in London and came to Salisbury for work experience and never looked back...

I'm an active member of the local community and have been involved in various charity fund raising events. Through running a long-standing local business I have shown strong communication skills, working with other businesses and the public. Through running several local charity fundraising events I have built up strong teamwork and leadership skills. Over the years I have always put honesty and customer satisfaction first, which has given me the building blocks to expand further.

Work history: 

  • Hox Brasserie, 13/02/2006 - Present day, Managing Director/Owner 
  • Since running Hox Brasserie some of my achievements include: South Wiltshire Tourism Award; South Wiltshire Customer Service Award; South West Winner - British Curry Awards and the Tiffin Cup Award - organised by the British parliament in which we were highly commended for the South West
  • Over the years I have remained fully committed, and driven the business to excel in the highest levels of customer satisfaction
  • Spent several years offering hospitality services in various locations including the Isle of Wight, Southampton, Lymington and London
  • Tower Hamlet Council, 01/05/1991 - 01/07/1991
  • Work Experience, Telephone Operator and Mail Sorting Office 


  • Tower Hamlets College, 01/08/1992 - 01/05/1993
  • Business & Computing, BTEC National 
  • Daneford Secondary School, 01/08/1987 - 01/05/1991, GCSEs 

Interest and hobbies:

I'm an active member of Salisbury Muslim Association and over the years have contributed to expand and raise funds. I am currently the Treasurer of the association.  I enjoy the outdoors and love to walk the local areas. I keep myself fit and healthy by regularly using the gym. I'm an avid reader with a particular interest in religious books and gaining any knowledge I can. 

My Blog

Cllr Hoque is now the chairman of Salisbury Area Board and has recently championed the installation of the first water fountain in Market Square fulfilling our promise to address climate emergency and reduced use of plastic.

Cllr Hoque launches the next phase of the Council’s Clean Up Wiltshire campaign.

From September the council’s Streetscene vehicles will all carry the logos advising of the amount of waste illegally deposited in the county and the cost of collecting the litter.

This follows the recent road shows where more than 2,000 people became involved. The roadshows raised awareness of the issues related to litter across the county, the need to reduce the impact on the environment and the cost incurred as a result of having to pick up litter.

Clean Up Wilts is a countywide litter campaign, sponsored by Landmarc Support Services, which aims to reduce the annual £2.5million bill taxpayers currently pay to clean up litter in Wiltshire.

More than 100 businesses have signed the Clean Up Wilts pledge to reduce waste.

Landmarc and other businesses have either sponsored litter bins or provided them direct.

The council’s contractor idverde have provided a number of supporting activities to local communities to assist them picking up litter from local hot spot areas.

Tackling litter is a vital objective and Wiltshire Council continues to promote the anti-litter message aimed at changing behaviour.

Cllr Hoque, Portfolio Holder for Streetscene said:

We're delighted with the success of the Clean Up Wilts events. This campaign is a great way to let people across the county know about the wider issues around litter, and to offer advice on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.
We hope as many people as possible to continue to promote the anti-litter message and engage in community events to help tackle the litter hot spots in their areas.

Wiltshire Trailing Recycling Road Material

As Wiltshire is a rural county, most of its highway network is made up of narrow roads which often struggle to carry two vehicles side by side. As such many of the rural country verges result in being run and subsequently damaged.

Wiltshire Council has recognised this issue and are currently undertaking a programme of works to support the highway verge and prevent deep ruts forming. Last year 15 sites were treated as part of the verge overrun programme which used semi-dry concrete to stabilise the bank and also support the highway itself.

This year a further trial is being undertaken as recycled stone will form the basis of the material to repair the damaged verges, working alongside Ringway we will be exploring the most efficient way to deliver this scheme whilst also looking at alternative materials that could be used moving forward.

Cllr Hoque Portfolio Holder for Highways said:

Wiltshire Council continues to seek new and innovative ways to improve the county’s roads. Recycling materials is an exciting opportunity to remove waste that may have ended up in landfill and use them to benefit Wiltshire Road users.

Cllr Atiqul Hoque Comes to Chippenham as he Joins the Street-Cleaning Team for the Day

Today, Atiqul swapped his role as Portfolio Holder for Streetrscene to join Chippenham’s street cleaning team for the day, as part of The Chewing Gum Action group’s ‘Bin It Your Way’ campaign which aims to inspire people to think twice before dropping their litter on the street.

Atiqul joined the local team of street cleaners for a morning shift – including a gruelling 6am start to experience first-hand what they have to do every day to pick up other people’s litter. This served to help demonstrate to people why they should dispose of their used gum and litter in the bin.

Cllr Hoque, Portfolio Holder for Streetscene said:

Spending a day with the street cleaning team was a real eye-opener. It showed me first-hand the huge cost of carelessly dropping rubbish in the street and how hard working all our street cleaners are. These people really are local environment heroes – it isn’t an easy job picking up litter after people and we could all make it so much easier if we just put our rubbish in a bin or took it home with us.

Andrew Smith, the contract manager for Idverde the council’s cleaning contractor, had this to say:

Atiqul was a great help this week - he should join our team permanently! Initiatives like this are a fun way to show how everyone can do their bit by binning their gum and litter their way and keeping our streets litter free

The Chewing Gum Action Group is supported by Keep Britain Tidy, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and the chewing gum industry. ‘Bin It Your Way’ is an annual campaign which this year is being run across 86 councils across the UK. Last year, the average reduction in littered gum following the campaign, where measurement took place, was 66% - a fantastic result.

A spokesperson for the Chewing Gum Action said:

We are continually looking for ways to inspire people to dispose of their littered gum responsibly and we are thrilled that so many councils and community leaders have joined in this year to highlighting the amazing job our local street cleaner do. We hope to make people think twice about dropping their gum to keep our towns and cities litter free.