Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams

About Christopher

I have lived in Ludgershall with my wife Vi and our family since 1982. Our children were educated at the local schools and have now left home and have families of their own.

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Since 2009 I have taken great pride in representing Ludgershall and Perham Down on Wiltshire Council. The recent local Electoral Boundary review has recommended a new division of Ludgershall North and Rural which includes the villages of the Collingbournes, Everleigh, the Chutes and Chute Forest. Please contact me if you need help with any local issues – my email address is - I look forward to hearing from you. 

I have strong links with the area having lived in Ludgershall since 1982 and served in the Army for 25 years and a further 19 years with the MoD. Wiltshire’s Military Civilian Integration Partnership is the first of its kind in the UK and I hold the position of Wiltshire Council Armed Forces Champion and also portfolio holder for Military and Civilian Integration, Communications, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, European Structural Investment Fund and Canals. The AONB gives me great pleasure as some of our rural villages are situated in the North Wessex Downs AONB.

I am Chairman of the Tidworth Area Board, which includes Ludgershall and the surrounding villages, and remain resolute about investing in local community projects through the grant funding that is available to area boards. Our community area has received more than £280000 over the past 4 years and many local projects have benefitted. There is still more to be done though and with your support I plan to build on what has been achieved and continue to work closely with Ludgershall Town Council, the Parish Councils in the villages and other local organisations.

Christopher's Latest Projects

Castledown Business Park

Wiltshire Council, in partnership with St Modwen, a property investment and development business and Alder King, property consultants, has made a substantial investment in Ludgershall with the Castledown Business Park. The business park which consists of Business Units and a modern purpose built Enterprise Centre is designed to help support people who want to start new business in our community and diversify the local economy of Ludgershall.

The first stage is Fitz Gilbert Court which was completed in 2008 and comprises of 21 units. These buildings have been sold in their entirety to Wiltshire Council who in turn lease the units to small business. I am very pleased to state this stage is enjoying over 90% occupancy. The second stage, Brydges Court, was completed last year and again is proving very successful with the first 8 units in use. These units will offer existing users room to remain on site and grow, whilst also offering flexible accommodation to new occupiers.

Various discussions continue to take place regarding the remaining 18 acres of the site which will support larger bespoke business operations.

As a member of the CBP Strategy Board I take pride in being part of a team which is adding to the economic benefit of Ludgershall and our community. This successful business Centre highlights the confidence that Wiltshire Council has in Ludgershall as a location in which businesses can thrive and grow.


Re-opening the Youth Club in Ludgershall

Wiltshire Council uses area boards as a way of working to bring local decision making back in to the heart of the community. I currently chair Tidworth Area Board and have been working closely with Ludgershall Town Council with regard to re-opening the Ludgershall Boys Club as a Youth Centre for the young people of Ludgershall and surrounding area.

I recently attended a Local Youth Network meeting at Wellington Academy. A strong message came from the students at that meeting that they wanted the youth club in Ludgershall to be open for their use.

The Youth Centre is currently boarded up in order to prevent any further vandalism taking place to the structure of the building, but members of Ludgershall Town Council are eager for it to be opened again and are forming a board of trustees for this to take place.

Wiltshire Council has delegated funding at a local level for youth work in each of the area board communities and Ludgershall Town Council will be applying to the area board for a grant to install a CCTV system and new fencing, making the centre a more secure and safe place for our youth to use.

New Footpath and Road Crossing for Wellington Academy

I’m sure you are all aware by now of the Army Basing programme that is coming to the Salisbury Plain Training Area and the effect this will have on Ludgershall and Perham Down in the next few years. By 2020, 246 houses will have been built to provide Service Families accommodation and also a new primary school, on the site of Corunna Barracks opposite the Castledown Business Park.

I have been involved in negotiating the benefits that this will bring to our community and as a result of a partnership between the Garrison, Defence Infrastructure Organisation, 26 Engineer Regiment, Wiltshire Council, Ludgershall Town Council and the Community Area Transport Group, the long awaited cycle/footpath from Perham Down to Wellington Academy is completed apart from the lighting (hopefully it will be in place as you read this).

This path will provide a safe route for students at the Academy. As part of the negotiations that took place I requested a pedestrian light controlled crossing at the junction of Somme Road and the Academy which will be provided.

As part of the agreement land has been put aside for community use, and I am involved in discussions with Ludgershall Town Council and Wiltshire Council to realise the potential in converting an army building as a community hub in Ludgershall.

Tidworth Area Board – helping with local issues

I am one of the three Wiltshire councillors and currently chairman of the Tidworth Area Board. This encompasses the towns of Ludgershall and Tidworth together with the rural parishes from the Chutes in the east to Netheravon and Enford in the west.

Wiltshire Council has remained resolute about investing in community area projects through the grant funding that is available to the area boards and I am determined that Ludgershall continues to directly benefit from this.

A fine of example of this is a grant of £4997 to the very successful 5th Wiltshire B-P Scout Group serving Ludgershall and the surrounding area. The Scout and Senior Scout sections are increasing in size and required advanced camping equipment to enable them to take on more adventurous and self-sufficient outdoor activities. Unfortunately, the Scout Group did not have sufficient funds to apply for match funding so I sponsored their application in total and it was subsequently granted.

Last financial year Tidworth Area Board had a budget of £47,344 for community projects and all of this was used on worthwhile community projects. This year we have a budget of just over £41,000 of capital funding of which £20,000 has been awarded so far. Any voluntary community group can apply, grants up to £1000 do not required match funding but applications from £1000 to £5000 would normally require match funding.