Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry

About Chuck

The North Wiltshire area is a great place in which to live and bring up children; I will strive to make sure that remains the case for everyone who lives here...


I been Councillor for the Minety Division (the Parishes of Crudwell, Minety, Ashton Keynes, Oaksey and Leigh) for the last 4 years, having moved from North Calne where I was also the Division Member. The work as a Councillor in the Minety Division means working with the five Parish Councils and working with residents to assist in issues they might have, not always with the Council but in general. Parish Councillors are always in touch with residents and their issues too, so regular attendance at the Parish Council is an important element for me. I also sit on the Malmesbury Area Board where we deliberate with local residents on services they receive as well as allocate funds to support local issues and societies.

General background and experience

I have run a number of businesses in my time, the last of which was Healthmatic, a Public Convenience operator - yes, dealing with toilets! I know and understand that businesses and Communities are about people. Listening is very important and gauging opinion even more so.

I appreciate that from time to time the Council may not reach residents’ expectations; I am there to help if that’s the case. I also can sign-post those who need help as well as chip in myself. I have two young sons, who are about to head off to earn a living (with luck!), and my long-suffering wife has run a Nursery School in Cirencester.

My values

Local Communities are at the heart of everything we do in the Council and often as individuals. It is those who make up the communities that shape and hone the way we all live. Local Government has a strong duty to deliver services, but those services are best directed when local people are involved. The five Parish Councils work hard for all of us and Ashton Keynes, Crudwell, Leigh, Minety and Oaksey have great people meeting, usually monthly, that help the whole community function for the best interests of those who live there. There are so many other societies and organisations, sports, play areas, village halls, community interest groups, and volunteers, who go about their business and keep things ticking over. They visit the elderly, keep an eye on the vulnerable, and make sure that our collective amenities are in good shape. The more people we have like that, the better our communities will be as we tackle the issues of the future.

Council work

As a Wiltshire Councillor I attend most Parish Council meetings, try to assist the majority in planning considerations, make sure that the Minety Division gets its fair share of services and grants, and generally answer and assist residents with their Council related issues.

I am on various Committees at Wiltshire Council and am Chair of the Health Select Committee, this holds the Council, and Health Bodies who deliver services to account for that delivery. I attend the Development Committee as a member and have chaired a number of Council Appeal Committees, mainly around school transport. It makes for quite an active Council life as there are a number of related Committees like Cabinet, and the Health and Wellbeing Board that need a level of representation from me as a result.

I always forward the interests of residents, whether from the area I represent or in some cases wider than that. I am at the Council to represent those who have chosen to live in rural North Wiltshire, where I live too.

Community work

I work with every Parish Council to listen and understand what issues those who live there have to deal with and I try to get these issues to the top of Wiltshire Council’s Agenda. I help out wherever I can and support local events and businesses like most of us do.

Personal and family background

My Mum and Dad ran a shop called Harvey’s in Andover, and I was born above it! This upbringing has always encouraged me to work with others, speak to others and most importantly listen, we were met with the message that “we are all in it together” nationally, and however that has been commented on, in our community it remains so true.

We will need to continue to help others, think of others and look out for our neighbours more so now perhaps than ever before. We are mainly living much longer and this means there are people in our community who will need us, some more than others and the more we help now, the likelihood is the more we will be helped when we need it. We must fashion together a community that will care and look after others. This will be how we build an even better community. A lot of people have done a great deal to get us this far - thanks to them! We need more people to chip in though, village by village, parish by parish.

Help and advice

As the local Wiltshire Councillor I am contactable at home on 01666 577 765, on my mobile 07815 954 236 and on email at
I answer every local enquiry usually within 24 hours and I will always do what I can to help and advise.

Chuck's Latest Projects

My Election Address - March 2017

Dear Resident,

My name is Chuck, I’ve been a Wiltshire Councillor for 8 years.  

I hope you will choose me again to represent us at Wiltshire Council. I will ensure that we are top of the list in things that matter to us all. 

I have been on the Planning Committee for 8 years, it’s key that our local Parish Councils' and residents' views are represented robustly. I press the Wiltshire Highways team to ensure that our roads have been kept as well as possible (believe me I fight our corner!). I have been Chair of the Health Select Committee, working to ensure all residents are well looked after when they need it most. 

We are so fortunate to have great Parish Councils, I seek to represent them fully. I have secured grants for our local Village Halls, Schools, Play Areas, Youth Activities, Transport Projects, and helped in specific local projects in every village. 

In short though, this is a big thank you to everyone who lives in our area. Your eyes, ears, emails and contribution at Parish Council meetings make my job of representing you so much easier. 

It is always about you, not Politics. 

Yours sincerely

Chuck Berry

Supporting our communities at Wiltshire Council

I have had the honour to represent us in my local area for the last 4 years. 

  1. I have met with and supported our local  Parish Councils at most of their meetings. 
  2. I have secured grants for 3 of our Village  Halls. 
  3. I have helped save our local pubs. 
  4. I have worked to support our Parish  Councils' views at Wiltshire Planning meetings. 
  5. I have helped Wiltshire deliver better  Health and Care outcomes as Chair of Health Select. 
  6. Just like our Parish Councils, for me it's about us and our communities, not Politics, so I work to make sure we get the services we need from Wiltshire Council. 
  7. I do my best to keep our roads safe, our  villages easy to live in, our facilities and services as we need them and our community engaged to help us all. I may not always get things done as quickly as we would like, or to the letter of what we want, but I can assure you I give it my best effort and always represent our views robustly. I remember and respect who puts their trust in me to deliver with gratitude and humility I hope you agree and honour me with your permission to continue.

Vale of the White Horse Inn

The Vale of the White Horse Inn in Minety is perhaps the last retail amenity and to save it we worked creatively with the owner and the Planning Team to allow for a small development of house to secure its future as a small Hotel and to continue as a pub. Cllr Chuck Berry works together with Minety Parish Council to promote its sustainability.


Like many of the community, Chuck Berry helps at the 24-hour Bike Ride in Crudwell, which helps fund projects such as the Village Hall improvements. It also received support from Chuck at the Area Board, who funded the improvements with £5,000. 

Parish Councils

Chuck spends a good deal of time with all five Parish Councils: Ashton Keynes, Oaksey, Minety, Crudwell and Leigh. The extremely dedicated Councillors meet usually at their Village Halls (or the Church in Leigh) about once a month. Chuck has helped with funding via the Area Board for Ashton Keynes Village Hall, Crudwell and Oaksey. Working with the Parish Council in every Parish is a very important part of the job as a Councillor.

Development Committee

Planning is always an issue locally along with potholes these two issues make up a large amount of the correspondence that is important to the Minety Division. Chuck has served on the Development Committee for 9 years and helped local opinion take centre stage. Like all legal processes it is not just a case of local preference, but Chuck has helped local opinion shape decision within the legal process. The My Wiltshire App (which you should download if possible) has helped the community identify road issues and this has helped, along with the Community Action Transport Group which seeks to keep residents’ views at the heart of the road maintenance regime, but, crucially the budget is very tight!