About Chuck

I have had the honour to represent us in our Wiltshire for the last 12 years.

I have 7 pledges that I have delivered on in the last 12 years and will continue to do so.

1. To promote local road safety and seek to reduce speeding.
2. To support our Parish Councils and residents in the Wiltshire planning process.
3. To promote Village facilities, schools, buses and infrastructure.
4. To focus on the businesses we have locally and assist them where I can.
5. To respect the efforts we all put in in these recent tough times. THANK YOU!
6. To keep pressure on Wiltshire Council to mitigate our local flooding worries.
7. To improve and extend local rural transport schemes.

I am here to help, whilst still a Councillor in this Council, I do hope you will elect me for the next Council term!...

My name is Chuck, I’ve been a Wiltshire Councillor for 12 Years. I hope you will choose me again to represent our 5 Parishes of Minety, Oaksey, Crudwell, Leigh and Ashton Keynes at Wiltshire Council.

I will ensure that we are top of the list in things that matter to us all. I have been on the Planning Committee for 12 years, it’s key that our local Parish Councils' and residents' views are represented robustly. 

I press the Wiltshire Highways team to ensure that our roads have been kept as well as possible (believe me I fight our corner!).

I have been Chair of the Health Select Committee, working to ensure all residents are well looked after when they need it most. 

We are so fortunate to have great 5 Parish Councils. I seek to represent them fully. I have secured grants for our local Village Halls, Schools, Play Areas, Youth Activities, Transport Projects, and helped in specific local projects in every village. 

In short though, this is a big thank you to everyone who lives in our area. Your eyes, ears, emails and contributions at Parish Council meetings make my job of representing you so much easier. It is always about you, not Politics. 

This last year has been tough for all of us I think our community spirit has grown through this adversity thank you all so much.

Help and advice

As the local Wiltshire Councillor I am contactable at home on 01666 577765, on my mobile 07815 954 236 and on email at chuck.berry@wiltshire.gov.uk or roger.berry@btinternet.com. You can follow all my latest news on Facebook: www.facebook.com/roger.c.berry

I answer every local enquiry usually within 24 hours and I will always do what I can to help and advise.