Edward Kirk

Edward Kirk

About Edward

I am fortunate to finally be representing Trowbridge Adcroft Division as both a Town and Wiltshire Councillor. It has taken a little while to be elected, as I first stood for election in Adcroft over 25 years ago. I grew up in this area of Trowbridge, so I know it and many of the residents extremely well and course they also know me…. I remember the old campaigning style of using a car and a megaphone from my late father John Kirk – I still believe in using methods of direct contact with residents, not just leaflets and all this social media...

Personal Background

I am married to Nicola and I have two daughters, Emily 21 and Felicity 16. My hobbies include, walking Bob our Cocker Spaniel and cycling. I run the family business suppling school uniforms with shops in five towns, including the one in Trowbridge opened by my Grandfather nearly seventy years ago. I also operate an embroidery and printing business on the White Horse Business Park in Trowbridge.

Council Work

Whilst I have a couple of committee places on Wiltshire Council, primarily I enjoy working in the local community and helping residents where I can. I have the great benefit of being self-employed and working in Trowbridge, so I am generally free anytime to see residents and do my best to assist them. My work colleagues say I will use any excuse to go off and deal with a resident’s issue. I would probably win the award for the fastest on-site response time of any Councillor!

When I became elected, I was staggered at the debt level of the Town Council - it remains the highest in England. It shocks me the ease at which Councillors can borrow money secured on the backs of hard-working Trowbridge residents. During my time on the Town Council, I have tried to ensure that residents are genuinely consulted on any Council schemes or projects that require borrowing. In addition to consultation, I believe there should be external professional advice given to Councillors prior to decision making. I have a business background and I am shocked that millions can be borrowed for decades into the future, with such a low level of financial reporting and business planning.

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