Ian Blair Pilling

Ian Blair Pilling

About Ian

I have lived in Netheravon since 1981. I served a full army career in UK, Germany, Northern Ireland and Central America, specialising in engineering, information systems and latterly as the British Defence Attaché covering Central America and Mexico. I experienced the challenges of creating and operating for the last 10 years my small independent business, Café Guate (alias Colonel Grumpy’s Coffee Bus)...

Dear Resident,

I am most grateful for the confidence that you have shown in giving me your vote – many thanks.  I shall do my best for you.

In the run up to the recent election I tried to encapsulate my perception of our challenges and the way forward as:

Our rural villages face economic, social and welfare challenges different from our urban neighbours’.  Increasingly we must look to ourselves to support those in need, maintain and enhance our environment and improve our communal lives.  To do this we must get involved, take responsibility for our community and generate the help and encouragement that we all need to make our communal lives more worthwhile, satisfying and fun. 

To help each other we need to share our understanding and ideas.  I invite you to contact me by telephone or email.

My thanks and best wishes.

Further Bio:

My involvement with our villages starting as Chairman of our village hall in 1987 and deepening over the past 10 years in a variety of roles serving our community. 

This gives me a sound understanding and appreciation of organisations, societies and people and their needs and contributions the ability and desire to be involved and contribute to our community.

  • Served on Netheravon Parish Council for 10 years with the last 5 as chairman.
  • Member of the recently formed Tidworth Area Child Poverty Steering Group.
  • Community work
  • Currently chairman of the Netheravon, Fittleton and Haxton Jubilee Committee, which we created to bring together the Parish Councils, Churches, School, military families, Working Men’s Club any other interested organisations and individuals within our villages to collectively enhance the social life and activity of our villages.
  • Member of the Netheravon and District Working Men’s Club management and finance committees.
  • Netheravon Library volunteer, and Netheravon Day Centre driver.  
  • Previously chairman and driver for the Durrington LINK.

Born in Swindon I spent my teenage years near the Chutes, where I worked on many farms and developed my understanding and love of rural life.  

After 15 years of nursing in London and Newfoundland, my wife Judy was a Community District Nursing Sister over a 20 year period covering Amesbury, Salisbury and Salisbury Plain areas.  

Our children went to a variety of local schools and colleges and now have spread to London, N Wales and Korea! I enjoy a variety of country and aquatic pursuits.