Jane Davies

Jane Davies

About Jane

I have been a Wiltshire Councillor since 2017 and I am proud to represent the residents of Marlborough West.

I am passionate about our communities and have worked hard to represent both individuals and the broader ambitions of Parish Councils, whether that be for safer roads, better play equipment, more visible policing or protecting Rights of Way...

As well as working hard to support my residents and parishes I am privileged to have held executive posts within both Adult and Children’s Services. These roles are a huge responsibility but I am very proud of the work achieved by the Council to develop the offer available to young people in Wiltshire. We have secured £46 million pounds to develop new special schools, provide more places and support mainstream schools to ensure proper inclusion.

Prior to becoming a Councillor I was Chair of Governors at our local primary school, and campaigned to improve road safety in my community. I continue to volunteer for our Community Speed Watch team, and during Covid as a community volunteer. I am supporting the vaccination roll out by being a ‘vaccination steward’ and a driver for Marlborough Link, collecting patients and taking them for their appointments. I also have run a successful small business undertaking specialist research for 30 years. As well as being the very proud Mum of three wonderful sons.

If you require support please do not hesitate to contact me. I will try my best to respond quickly to your needs and work to find the best solutions. Please contact me and I will do my best to help you - Jane.Davies@Wiltshire.gov.uk. 

You can find me on Facebook @CouncillorJaneDavies to find out more about the work I do on a daily basis.

Jane's Projects

Road safety is a concern for all of us and I have worked on speed reduction, re-surfacing, repair and road improvement schemes in Marlborough, Lockeridge, East Kennett, West Overton, Avebury and Berwick Bassett. I continue to work with the A4 ‘West of Marlborough’ group seeking a way to balance the needs of motorists with those of the community and World Heritage Site.

We are blessed to live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and have the Avebury World Heritage Site on our doorsteps. The Wiltshire Local Plan and the Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan are both currently out for public consultation. I am attending all of the meetings and engaging in the debates. I am a keen environmentalist and believe we should be looking at brown field not green field sites for development. I would also like to see more local sustainable employment opportunities as part of our planning policy.

I sit on the Area Board and currently lead the Local Youth Network grant aiding community projects which benefit young people from ages 13 to 19 or up to 25 if they have special needs. I am currently working with local sports clubs to ensure there is access to sports for all young people as the Covid restrictions are lifted.