About Jerry

I am the unitary councillor for the Ethandune division which covers the villages of Coulston, Edington, Bratton, Heywood, Hawkeridge and Dilton Marsh...


I was elected into this role in March 2014 at a by election following the untimely death of Linda Conley. I have been fortunate to have been a Wiltshire resident for nearly 50 years. Throughout this time, I have lived in rural communities and therefore have a deep understanding of the specific issues that affect the countryside and the people who live in it.

Through my role as Chairman of our local Parish Council, I became well acquainted with the work of local Parish Councils, Area Boards and Wiltshire Council and how each can bring benefit to local communities. I am now the Cabinet Member for Adult Health, Public Health and Public Protection which is a busy and wide ranging role. Adult social care currently has a budget spend of £130m with the remaining portfolios having a further £20m budget. This requires me to engage with a whole host of outside agencies and staff in Wiltshire Council in these complex areas.

My values

I am genuinely pleased to be able to represent the Ethandune division. Each of the villages are different and have diverse issues that need addressing. Importantly, I am passionate that local people have their voices heard over matters that affect them. I believe that serving local communities is the critical part of being a councillor and I very much enjoy meeting people and wherever possible looking to help them with their issues. I endeavour to do this with honesty, loyalty and with energy.

General background and experience 

I own a consultancy business which in the past has taken me to India, whilst working for a global organization and more recently worked on nationwide projects when engaged with the Home Office. Importantly I have many years’ experience of providing public service in Wiltshire. My main career was that of a police officer in this county, starting on the beat at Salisbury and gradually moving around the county and Swindon, in different roles and ranks. I had the privilege of being the senior police officer at Salisbury for a number of years. Throughout this time, I worked alongside a wide range of organisations, at the local, former district council and county levels. In addition, towards the end of my police career, I worked on behalf of the 5 police forces in the South West.

I went to school at Corsham and during my police career, I studied with the Open University and Open Business School gaining two degrees, a Bachelor of Science predominantly in Social Science and a Master of Business Administration. I also hold qualifications related to programme and project management.

Council work

I am a long established Parish Councillor and currently chair Keevil Parish Council. Since my election to Wiltshire Council, I have been the portfolio holder for Waste and within the last 4 months, also the portfolio holder for Highways and as previously mentioned at the end of June 2016, Baroness Scott, the leader of Wiltshire Council, invited me to join her cabinet and I am now the cabinet member for Adult Health, Public Health and Public Protection.

Personal and family background

My wife and I have lived in Keevil for 22 years. Our two sons have since left home, both now serving in uniform, one as an officer in the British Army and the other as a police officer in Wiltshire Police. We are established members of the active community in the village and I have been a parish councillor in the village for 8 years. I am able to bring a host of skills and experience to this role, having been engaged in public service for nearly 40 years. Equally, in my policing career, I have seen and appreciated the difficulties some members of society face. In addition, my role as a senior police officer provided me with many skills linked to teams, motivation and working in challenging environments, especially associated with shrinking budgets.

Help and advice

My aim, as the Ethandune Wiltshire Councillor, is to get to as many meetings of the Parish Council’s as possible in order to understand and provide advice on the respective issues and act to resolve them wherever I can. I also endeavour to keep residents updated through articles in the respective Parish and Village magazines and websites. I very much welcome contact from residents through this website or contacting me on my listed telephone numbers. I will always look to acknowledge any correspondence promptly and resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

Finally, I invite you to follow my Facebook page Councillor Jerry Wickham Wiltshire Council and my Twitter account @JerryWickham.