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Jose Green

About Jose

My sincere thanks to all those who supported me in the recent elections. The final result has given me the mandate I worked for and to enable me to continue with enthusiasm and commitment. 65% of the vote was more than I expected (632 majority). I shall endeavour to be consistent, conscientious and fair whilst I go about my duties on behalf of the 16 villages and hamlets that form the Fovant and Chalke Valley Division. We are going through a momentous period of history making. We must all be thankful that we live in an exceptional part of Wiltshire. I would like you to know that I consider it a huge honour in representing you all. Thank you...

General background and experience 

Jose was educated in Salisbury and has been a seasonal tourist guide for almost 30 years. Married to a farmer, her knowledge of rural affairs has been shown to be very useful whilst carrying out her role. She is aware of the issues that arise from living in a dispersed community. The care and protection of the AONB and the environment is of the highest importance.

For the last eight years Jose has represented Fovant and the Chalke Valley, which is geographically one of the largest divisions in Wiltshire. Achieving high-speed broadband and a reliable mobile phone reception (particularly in the Chalke Valley) is vital. Rural crime must be addressed; having a police presence will reassure those that feel most vulnerable. The new Broad Chalke Hub/Stores has proven to be a great success and Jose is always keen to help with any further aspirations they might have.

My values

Jose is approachable and dedicated and she works closely with the 15 PC’s in the Division. The introduction of 20mph speed limits in Broad Chalke and Fovant is something the Parishes feel strongly about. We all hope to have them in place soon. The Community Speed Watch is working well.

Council work

Recently Jose has carried out scrutiny work on the impact of the changes to the Household Recycling Centres [HRC’s] and the collection of Garden Waste; with 18 recommendations, she hopes to see a positive way forward. Previously she was part of the Task Group who took a close look at The Help to Live at Home service provision, which, with an ageing population, so many rely upon. She led on the First Aid/Defibrillator training sessions and is pleased that several villages have achieved the installation of these life-saving machines. Jose is also leading on the newly appointed Health and Wellbeing Champions across the SW Wilts area to ensure that those who are most vulnerable know there is someone to help them access information and advice about their care and support. 

Community work

Prior to becoming a Councillor Jose worked for The Leonard Cheshire Foundation and has been on various charity committees. She realises that it is very important to have a cohesive and strong community so that those that are less able feel safe and secure in their homes.

Personal and family background

Jose has three children and seven grandchildren, so he is aware of what the older and younger generation require. Her love of art and history is of great importance to her because the Fovant and Chalke Valley has a wealth of both, from the Civil War to WWI there are constant reminders of the past all around us. The Fovant and Sutton Mandeville Military badges carved on the downs being one example.

Help and advice

Jose is always happy to be contacted at any time. Her record shows she responds quickly and will help in any way she can.

Jose's Recent Projects

Tollard Tardis Press Release - 13th June 2016 

The village of Tollard Royal now has its very own ‘Tardis’ after taking BT up on their offer to sell the public telephone box to them for £1.00. 

The children of the village came up with the name and ideas for what the phone box should provide for the community and with full support from the Parish Council their project was launched.

Volunteers painted the phone box and Hillmeadow Garden Services kindly donated materials and time to improve access to it. Signrite helped out with the new signage and Salisbury Glass replaced the damaged glass.

Inside the phone box you can now find a community notice board along with shelves for a book exchange. Maps of local walks can also be discovered along with information for local refreshments stops in the area. The shelving unit has been especially made by Churchview Joinery Ltd who fitted them for free. A large waterproof map has been specially created by Aqua3Maps, framed for us by Churchview Joinery Ltd.

The main feature in the phone box is a defibrillator that has been purchased from the charity Community HeartBeat. Villagers are being trained to use it and with Tollard Royal being 17 miles from Salisbury Hospital they hope it will help to save someone's life if an emergency occurs.   

The project has also been generously supported by two businesses, Wessex Internet and Vonage who have been working together to make dialing the emergency services possible with a Wi-Fi hotspot and a VOIP phone installed in the Tollard Tardis. BT is still providing the electricity to the phone box.

"Wessex Internet is pleased to support the Tollard Royal Community Phone Box by bringing in into the 21CN with a free superfast Internet connection. Initially it's planned to support a Voice over Internet phone to allow emergency calls, as mobile signal is non-existent in the village. We hope to be able to offer a FREE public Wi-Fi Internet spot in the near future, and the connection could support a 3G/4G hotspot if a mobile phone provider makes this technology available to the village. We've been providing superfast Internet to residents of Tollard Royal since 2013, and we're keen to support the communities we're located in with innovative projects such as this."

Matthew Skipsey, Co-founder and Director.

Other local businesses including Ashcombe Estate, Rushmore Estate, Tollard Park Equestrian Centre, Park Cottage Stables and several villagers contributed very generously to enable this project to happen.

The phone box was officially opened on 11th June at the Village Party for the Queens 90th Birthday. Jose Green the Unitary Councillor for Fovant and Chalke Valley declared the project open. Jose said “community involvement in making projects such as the Tollard Tardis come alive help create healthy vibrant communities. Rural communities are very good at finding local innovative solutions that meet a local need. Having a defibrillator so close to hand will help support the emergency services.”

For more information contact Susan Cheeseman, Clerk to the Parish Council: 

A poem has been specially written for the Grand Opening on 11th July at the village party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday by Melanie Wyles.

The Tollard Tardis   

Tollard Royal,

Unlikely place

For a portal into space?

But contemplate our brave K6

Giles Gilbert Scott's superb quick fix

To hold the once exigent phone

Communication far from home

Now life brand new this icon spies

A home to house a grander prize

Of life reviving, saving grace

Defibrillate the common place

And introduce a whiff of pride

That our brave village can provide.

Thus kindly giving zeal will seat

Community Heart Beat at our feet.

The Tollard Tardis is now you see

A place where life renewed can be.