Leo Randall

Leo Randall

About Leo

I have represented the Redlynch and Landford Division of Wiltshire Council for the last 8 years. ...

As most of the Division is within the New Forest National Park, I am also an elected Member of the National Park Authority. This is important as the Park Authority took over some important functions from Wiltshire Council when it was created, particularly development control, and I have been either Chair or Deputy Chair of the planning committee of the Park Authority since the Park for the last 10 years. The Park Authority is of course dominated by Hampshire Members, so it needs someone on the Authority from Wiltshire with a real interest in the Park to ensure we are not ignored.

I have been employed as an engineer in various roles for many years. More recently as a lecturer, specialising in computer aided engineering and programming. With my wife Helen, we owned and ran a small garden centre. We have a daughter, Lucy, who is a Doctor and currently working in Australia as a GP.

I have always worked closely with my Parish Councils, and tried to support them with the difficult issues they are presented with. I attend most of their meetings.

One of the main concerns I have had in recent years was from the residents of Nomansland. They were not happy at being part of Redlynch Parish Council because of the lack of connection with communities such as Woodfalls and Morgan's Vale, and they felt they were not being well represented. I have now been successful in getting Wiltshire Council to agree to Nomansland and Hamptworth merging with Landford into a single Parish as from April this year.

I originally suggested that the 40mph general speed limit in the Hampshire part of the New Forest be expanded to cover the Wiltshire Part as well. This has taken a number of years, and although there are issues that are still to be resolved where the scheme was poorly implemented, at least we now have the speed limit in place.

My personal interests include conservation matters and rights of way. The main conservation charity in the Forest is the New Forest Association and I am a Member of their Council. I am also on the committee of, and volunteer for, the Blackwater Conservation Group whose work covers nearly all of the Redlynch and Landford area. I have been associated with footpath projects, such as the Southern Wiltshire Paths Group. We have installed over 60 kissing gates locally to improve access to the countryside.

I am always pleased to hear from local residents and if you need any help or further information, please contact me and I will respond as quickly as I can.