Mark Connolly

Mark Connolly

About Mark

I have lived in Tidworth since 1991 and have been the County Councillor and Wiltshire Councillor for the town since 1993.


My background

I am married with one son and two step-daughters. In addition to being a Councillor I also work part-time as a civil servant. I am sure old school and college colleagues would not believe that the punk rocker of the late seventies is now a civil servant and Councillor!

In my spare time (if I get any!), I am very keen on sport, having played football for village teams and athletics for Andover (everything from 100m to the marathon!). Although not as active as I once was, I still enjoy sport and am a season ticket holder at Bristol Rovers.

Helping the community

I first got into local politics soon after arriving in Tidworth as I was shocked at the lack of facilities and how run down the town had become. I am proud to have been involved in the transformation of the town from a place in which only a few civilian or military families wanted to live, to the up-and-coming place it is now. There is still a long way to go but with the Leisure Centre, Lidl, Tesco, Wellington Academy and Castledown Business Park, we have the building blocks for a successful and sustainable community.

I have been very active in negotiating community benefits from developers and the Ministry of Defence such as highway improvements on the A338 and Ludgershall Road, the new Toucan crossing outside the Post Office, the transfer of sports pitches off Humber Lane and play areas in the Riverbourne Fields development to the Town Council. More land will transfer to the Council in the coming months along with large sums of money for maintenance of the sites. 

Through the Community Area Transport Group I chair, I have helped fund the new foot/cycle path from Perham to Wellington Academy and argued successfully for the MoD to provide a crossing outside the Academy as part of Army Basing plans and widened some of the Perham to Tidworth path and a new link from the Perham road to Kennet Road.

Here if you need me

Over the years I have helped many individuals with housing, education, highways and all manner of issues. If you need help, please contact me by phone (01980 847332), email or by Facebook and I will do all I can to help.