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Mollie Groom

About Mollie

My late husband’s firm relocated from the city to Reading in 1972. At that time it was difficult to find a suitable house and so we bought a plot in Lydiard Millicent (where initially we planned to stay for one year). However we both enjoyed the quality of life in this rural village, the good community and the excellent geographical position...

My background was an education at Reigate County School for Girls and Glendale County Grammar School. The latter school sent me to Imperial Institute to take a civil service examination which I passed but at the age of 15 the civil service was not attractive. 

I worked in the city in insurance, a small shipping firm where the ships obviously were not sufficiently maintained because they experienced problems in reaching their destinations on occasions. After that, I worked for a shipping brokers and then on to the international side of the Chamber of Shipping where I thoroughly enjoyed working as first secretary to the Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Shipping, George Malloch Brown. The work, providing a secretariat for national ship-owners’ associations where we liaised with the International Chamber of Commerce and various UK and foreign government departments, at times was pressurised, demanding and challenging but so enjoyable, as was the pleasure of working alongside very nice people.

When we moved to the Swindon area, I worked temporarily for Managing Directors of small and large companies. I enjoyed working for various Directors at Burmah, including the Group Financial Director.

We bought ponies for our daughters and that resulted in running Lydiard Tregoz Country Show which had an established horticultural marquee, side shows and a horse ring - I expanded from one to eight horse rings (including BSJA show-jumping), a regional dressage and jumping competition, introduced a dog show, fun run, vintage cars and various events. However after five years, Swindon Borough Council doubled the field hire charge and overheads had increased and so, like many others, the Show folded.

Presently I enjoy a busy life around Council activities and watching my four grandchildren mature and develop their own personalities, although two live in Tasmania so I do not see them as often as I would like.

On a personal note I am interested in the environment, gardening, walking, swimming (when time permits) and spending time with relatives and friends.

Well some good news

I did say that I wold endeavour to make roads a priority. We really do suffer from rat runs to Swindon in this area. However, after the visit of a Senior Highways Officer who I drove around to show points of concern which included under the Motorway Bridge near Ballards Ash, already we have heard that Flaxlands is to have two passing places which will enable traffic to move more smoothly on the rat run to Swindon It is expected that the pools opposite the Bolingbroke Arms will be a feature of the past. Major works are taking place at the top of Flaxlands on behalf of Thames Water. Again on the rat run to Swindon and where severe congestion is experienced, the chicane at Lydiard Millicent Church is to be upgraded. In this context Lydiard Millicent School is near the final stages of preparing a Travel Plan, following which the hope of residents is for a car park extension at the parish hall. Stone Lane again on a rat run to Swindon has several problems, some of which have been rectified. Residents are impressed with the relief road from Broad Town to RWB and score it as the best road in the area!! We have received notice of two major planning applications, neither of which is in the Wiltshire Core Strategy.