Paul Oatway

Paul Oatway

About Paul

I am immensely proud to be standing again as your Conservative Candidate for the Vale of Pewsey. I am married and my wife and I have lived in the vale for 21 years where we have raised a family and educated at one of our wonderful small village community schools and later at Pewsey Vale...

For all of my working life I have lived and worked in Wiltshire and mainly within this part of the County for one of our emergency services. As a result I have a good understanding of the vale, its people and problems. The local council elections are in May 2017 and I thought it would be a great opportunity to tell you a about some of my activities on your behalf over the last three years and as I prepare for the forthcoming election.

The Conservative administration at County Hall, is very much at the heart of delivering local services and empowering local people within a decision making process. The Area Boards are very much a part of this, to which I am a lead member. At the area boards we ensure that there are relevant presentations of interest as well as the regular, partner updates, from Wiltshire Police, Health Watch Wiltshire, Parish Councils and the Pewsey Community area Partnership. Also the community area grant scheme, to which many communities within my area have benefitted from the support that I have personally given. Under the umbrella of the area board, is The Community Area Transport Group, which is made up from the elected members such as myself, officers and representatives from Parish Councils. Here we review and prioritise projects for highway and safety schemes that are brought forward by Parish Councils, it has been my absolute pleasure to have backed and supported a varied amount of highway schemes across my division which have helped local communities, such as the numerous footpaths at Rushall, extensive work at Woodborough, footpaths at Upavon and signage to alert road users of pedestrians and equestrian users at Alton Barnes and Priors and North Newton. Similarly, the extensive work to reduce collisions at the cross roads just prior to Wilcot.

Three years ago with your support you elected me to represent you at County Hall and within your parishes, during this time I have worked extremely hard on your behalf with regards to local matters and I have played an active part within all of our communities, during this period I have derived much pleasure in helping people regardless of their political views. On a regular basis I attend all of your parish councils and thoroughly enjoy working with them and advising them whenever the need arises, during my period of tenure to date I feel that I have built up a strong professional relationship with them, working on your behalf locally. 

At a County level I am a member of the following committees, Appeals Panel (School Transport), Full Council, Eastern Area Planning Committee, Health Select Committee, Pewsey Area Board, Vice Chairman of The Standards Committee and substitutes for Overview and Scrutiny Committee and The Strategic Planning Committee. I am appointed to the following outside bodies, CPRE Best Kept Village, Pewsey Community Area Highways and Street scene Group and The Pewsey Community Area Partnership. One of my prioritise has been to improve the state of our roads and I am pleased to see the much needed repair programme is already well underway across my division as a result of my personal intervention, with repair work already undertaken at North Newton , Rushall, Bottlesford, Wilcot Cross Hays crossroads and numerous other locations including some extensive work scheduled for Upavon during 2016. I am currently working on several projects to enhance the quality of life for my constituents, at Woodborough with the implementation of a 20 mph speed limit in and around the school with new and additional enhanced traffic calming. I am also working with officers, members of several parish councils to devise a scheme to reduce the amount of traffic that constantly uses the Manningfords as a short cut to Marlborough. 

Regarding the Area Board I have actively encouraged Parish Council’s, Village Hall Committees and other community groups to apply for funding to enhance the quality of life locally for their parishioners and it has been an absolute pleasure to secure funding for so many of my communities, Stanton St Bernard Village Hall Car Park, Alton Barnes Village Hall Audio System and again recently stage lighting, Hilcot Village Hall redecoration, Wilcot Village playpark, Wilcot Cricket Club. Defibrillators at Chirton, Hilcot, Woodborough and Alton Barnes. Numerous application’s for Woodborough Social Club, Wilsford Village Hall, Marden Village Hall complete replacement of all of the widows and upgrading of the kitchen. Finally “save the green” campaign at woodborough, was a real example of local communities pulling together for the right reason and although a tremendous amount of work was done locally, I was proud to have supported this campaign at a strategic level within county Hall.