Pauline Church

Pauline Church

About Pauline

My name is Pauline Church and I will be standing as the Conservative Wiltshire Candidate for Wilton and Lower Wylye Valley which includes Quidhampton, South Newton and Stoford. I am currently a Wilton Town Councillor sitting on both the Amenities & Planning and the Finance & General Purposes committees. I am passionate about this area and working to improve our local community. ...

General background and experience 

Educated at Westwood St Thomas' School (now Sarum Academy), I have lived in this area for over 40 years. My career has been focused in the accounting and banking sectors locally and in London lastly working as a Vice President at JP Morgan providing investor services solutions to global institutional investors. I helped settle and clear client transactions, provided safekeeping for assets and managed collateral and finance investment activities. As a life long creative I was keen to listen to my passion and left JP Morgan to set up florist Paloma Lily in Wilton during 2012 followed by the Salisbury store in 2015.  

My values

I love Wilton due to the amazing community spirit. Its heritage and architecture make it a beguiling place to live and work not to mention accessibility to amazing countryside and our beautiful cathedral city.

My key interest is in child and adult social care having had personal positive experiences of Wiltshire Council's adoption and fostering process, home schooling and the challenge of securing funding to nurse my father at home during his last stages of life. Always ready to face a challenge I am tenacious and have a natural desire to "do the right thing". Our community is undergoing rapid change and I will work to secure the necessary support and funding at a national and county level to best serve the future of our community.

We need to be economically vibrant and well supported to sustain a positive environment for those who live and work in Wilton, Quidhampton, South Newton and Stoford. Much is changing in our corner of Wiltshire; whether it's the requirement to provide more health and social care facilities for our growing population or a well supported youth provision for our teenagers; my aim is to secure higher levels of funding and local community support in order that we can maintain and, if possible, improve these essential services.

Being part of the implementation team for Wilton Town Council's Neighbourhood Plan has highlighted the need to ensure we balance the commercial desires of landowners with social, economic, environmental and historical needs of the local area. The Naish Felt development application earlier this year is a case in point; issues included narrow access, a lack of parking, no up to date traffic analysis and flooding concerns which indicated to me an over-developed proposition not suitable for Wilton and its already stretched infrastructure. Planning was refused and I will continue to monitor this and other applications to ensure they are in the best interests of our area.

We are blessed with a well-connected road network but as our population and economic vitality increases so will the demands on our road infrastructure resulting in congestion and increased pollution particularly at the Park Wall Junction, A36 and the "pinch point" on the A30 in the centre of Wilton. I am a keen supporter of re-opening Wilton Parkway railway station and consistently pushed the agenda forward as a councillor on Wilton Town Council. The station will make the most of our under-utilised park and ride spaces plus alleviate road congestion on the A36 and in Salisbury - it is vitally important we stay "on task" and do not lose momentum.

Council work

I have been a Wilton Town Councillor since 2012 bringing my wealth of corporate, business and entrepreneurial experience to this historic council. I sit on both the Amenities & Planning committee and Finance & General Purposes committee and I am working with a group of fellow councillors on our Neighbourhood Plan.

Community work

Due to family and work commitments my community work is largely connected with activities related to Wilton including supporting the Mayor's Appeal, Rotary Club and Wilton & District Business Chamber. I also help local charities through my work as owner of Paloma Lily.

Personal and family background

I hail from a family of councillors; both grandfathers were honoured by The Queen for their council and community endeavours, plus uncles on both sides of the family have served as councillors, so you could say it is "in my blood". My commitment as a councillor could not be realised without the help of my partner, Richard, 16 year old daughter Serena and a wonderful group of close friends and family. We live in the centre of Wilton and I have lived in various parts of this area over the last 40 years including Harnham, Salisbury city centre, Fovant, Alvediston and East Grimstead. In our free time we love to travel, socialise with our friends and family and look after our dog, 2 cats and a naughty pony.

Help and advice

Please contact me by email on any matter, however small, and I will do my best to help either personally or by raising your concerns to the area responsible.