Peter Fuller

Peter Fuller

About Peter

Peter and his wife Maureen have lived in the Park Ward, at the above address, for the last 36 years . One of your current representatives on the Town Council, Peter would also welcome your help and support at the 2017 elections to be returned to represent you at County Hall...

After leaving Frome Grammar School , Peter went to work for Wiltshire County Council and moved to live in Trowbridge in1963. Working at County Hall seemed too much like still being at school and after 9 years ,mainly in the Highways Dept.,Peter  moved to Westbury to work in the construction industry. Whilst living at Studley Green, Peter was persuaded by Dr Stephen Henry to stand for the Council and was elected to Trowberidge  Urban District Council serving on the Housing and Planning Committees.

Maintaining his interest in helping the community,Peter served on Westbury Town Council for 7years and on returning to Trowbridge was elected to serve on both the Town Council(for 25years) and District Council(18 years). A former Chairman of the Town Council (before we had the expense of Mayors), Peter was also a Chairman of the West Wilts Planning Committee and of the Wiltshire Council's Western Area Planning Committee from 2009 to 2013.

Having encouraged the developments in the town centre ,particularly with the successful appearance of the Odeon ,it was dissappointing to hear of Morrisons' inability to proceed with their approved plans for Bowyers. Whilst the demolition of the Peter Black factory, to make way for M& S Food etc., will continue  the rejuvination of our town centre , we cannot wait for another ten years before development takes place at Bowyers. With many many more houses to be built between West Ashton Road and Yarnbrook there will be a growing need for improved facilities for the Town and jobs to help pay for it all!

The Area Board still has its' Working Party looking into the provision of a community campus in Trowbridge, following the surveys carried out in 2012/3. Peter is a member of this group who are all anxious to see an improvement in the leisure facilities available to our ever growing community. This scheme is included in the County Councils' plans for the future and the group see the demolition work in Bythesea Road as a move towards setting up new community facilities in the centre of town. Central to this will be a new swimming pool available for use by the whole community.

Health provision at the elderly Trowbridge Hospital is hardly fit for purpose and it is hopeful that the services currently supplied there,including the valued Birthing Unit, can also be moved  into the Campus.

With the applaudable aim of reducing government debt, grant support for the County Council reduces year on year. Likewise County support for the Town & Parishes is going down  and next year the contribution towards the towns' Council Tax charge is likely to be nil. In order to minimise the pressure to increase both Councils Tax demands, more encouragement is needed for those groups and Residents Associations in the Ward who are working in Trowbridge to improve our envoirenment. Peter is particularly  supportive of the Longmeadow TARA , Friends of Biss Meadows and Friends of the Park. All need to be applauded for the work they do …...particularly in regularly removing  the litter left by the rest of us!

Trowbridge has and in the future will continue to expand beyond its current boundaries.

As long as they do not form part of  our neighbouring villages , Peter believes that these

houses should be brought into the Town. As an example, those living  at the 'Old Farm' housing in West Ashton Road  look to Trowbridge  as their town ,however,they are part of West Ashton Parish and contribute to that Councils' precept. The review is in the hands of the County Council and their extension of the boundaries will enable the Town Council to benefit the whole of Trowbridge. Some of our playing fields are currently under County control and are, consequently, quite low in their priorities. These would be better maintained by the Town. Currently WCC are providing Section 106 monies to enable the Town Council to purchase land for their Sports Pitches Project and meet the demand for more space .

As a supporter of Trowbridge Town FC, Peter is also hopeful that expansion of the Town will enable the Council to purchase the land which they rent from Developers at Woodmarsh and which in turn is rented to the football club. This is needed if they are to progress into the Western League.  

With all our older children having to travel across town for their secondary education, Peter has long campaigned for a new big school to be provided on the east side of Town,as envisaged when the Paxcroft Mead development was first given planning permission. Such a school is now to be included in the planned Ashton Park develolpment and Peter would hope to ensure that our children actually get the school and just not unfulfilled promises.

Peter is aware that the Trowbridge Precept is the highest of the old West Wilts 5 Towns and maintains a close watch on the Town Councils  plans for the future. He fully appreciates that most of the money to pay for these schemes comes from your  Council Tax payments. Peter seeks to ensure that we receive value for our money and votes against the almost annual increases in the Precept.

Your help is needed to ensure that we retain a Conservative  controlled County Council. Please contact Peter to help with his campaign.