Pip Ridout

Pip Ridout

About Pip

I have been a Warminster Town Councillor since 2005 and a Unitary Councillor since 2009 (previously on WWDC for 4 years)...


I have been a Warminster Town Councillor since 2005 and a Unitary Councillor since 2009 (previously on WWDC for 4 years).

I have lived in Wiltshire since 1966 and been in Warminster since 1977, living on an estate in the West ward which I represent. I have been involved with numerous voluntary organisations in the Town.

I am a very active and engaged local councillor who always tries to help everyone and get involved with answering local moans, gripes, complaints and 'issues' and helping where I can.


Before retirement in 2004, I was the UK Projects Manager for Shaw Trust and the senior Finance Manager travelling countrywide setting up projects for those with physical and mental health problems and encouraging supported work-related training and employment.

Professionally I have two strings to my bow:

Books – as I originally trained as a Librarian and, while my sons were at school, was Librarian at Matravers School in Westbury.

Finance - where I had numerous positions as Payroll Manager, Sales Ledger Supervisor, Credit Manager (Unigate), etc., ending up as Senior Finance Manager and deputising for the Finance Director at Shaw Trust.

Council and Community Work

On the Town council I have been chair of Finance Committee and sat on numerous working groups and sub-committees and was Mayor in 2009.

I was a governor at Minster School for 20 years and on the board of Selwood Housing for four.

On Wiltshire Council I currently sit on: Licensing; Health Select Committee; Overview and Scrutiny; Financial planning Task Group; and Western Area Planning. I volunteer on task groups as required such as looking in detail at the “Better Care Plan”.

For the area board, I am chair of the Neighbourhood Task Group where councillors from the Town and Villages liaise with officers and the police over general area-wide issues.

I was appointed to the board of the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service in 2017 and sit on its Finance and Governance and Pensions committees and am “paired” with Salisbury, Wilton and Amesbury fire stations and act as “buddy”.

Under the Warminster Community area board I represent Wiltshire Council on the Health and Well-being Forum and am chair of the Neighbourhood Task Group which liaises with officers and the police over general matters of concern in the town and surrounding villages.

Locally I support the Royal British Legion, the Food-bank, Cornerstone, and am on the committee of MacMillan, Friends of the Park, the Community Partnership and the Carnival.

I have formed several Tenants and Residents groups trying to mitigate the excesses of the Urban extension and get some concessions from developers.

My values

Loud, bossy, and rarely politically correct! A real fighter for what I believe to be right on behalf of all my residents; all I can say is that I try my utmost to support and help but I have no magic wand to solve all problems especially as there are often two or more sides to consider, and in the case of planning national policy which is a legal obligation that over-rides everything. Planning is a total nightmare and causes so much unpleasantness and aggravation and takes a huge percentage of my time.

Local issues like litter, dog fouling and fly-tipping are endless (as is bad parking) but these are all people problems and I for one resent my money (yes, councillors are council tax payers as well!) cleaning and clearing up for the few who are so lazy and inconsiderate.

My weakness is IT and I do not have a Facebook, Twitter or any other such account. I can be contacted at any time via email, phone, calling at my house or stopping me in the street when shopping or walking the dog.