Robert Yuill

Robert Yuill

About Robert

I shall be standing to represent Amesbury East in the forthcoming Unitary Council. I am getting to become aware of the issues affecting my ward, in particular the traffic on Porton Road. I am particularly keen to seek a solution, with the possibility of a by-pass for Amesbury a priority...


After coming so close in the by-election held in May 2016, I shall be standing again to represent Amesbury East in the Unitary Council election in 2017. I am fully aware of the issues affecting my ward and the need for proper local representation in particular the significant issues that require addressing, in particular the traffic on Porton Road and expansion of Stonehenge School.

General background and experience

For most of my professional life I worked in Risk Management; initially with the Engineering Department of a London Borough and then with a succession of companies including those in the environmental, aerospace and facilities management sectors. I served as the Station Health and Safety Manager at QinetiQ Boscombe Down.

My values

I believe in a strong set of values which I consistently work to every day, helping to strengthen performance and deliver the role of a councillor:

• Challenge for change – change is positive when managed sympathetically to needs

• Making things happen – driving things forward

• Relentless pursuit of quality – ensuring what is done is correct

• Stronger in partnership – together we can make a difference

I will use my values to resolve people’s concern by actively listening to what people have to say, asking for and considering their opinions and understanding that all views and concerns are important

As a councillor I will commit to listen, learn and work for the electorate and to use information to protect their welfare and interests.

Council work

I am a Councillor with Amesbury Town Council, using my work experience to provide guidance on risks associated with Council activities, including facilities at Archers Gate designed for young people. I sit on several committees and fully intend to continue with my role as a Town Councillor to benefit from the integration of this role with that of a Unitary Councillor.

Community work

I am a member of Amesbury Carnival committee with special responsible for licensing and compliance issues. I produced the documentation submitted to Wiltshire Council to enable the necessary authority was given to run the events in 2016. I fully intend to repeat this in 2017. Safety must be given the highest priority for the event.

Personal and family background

I live in Amesbury with my wife and daughter, having moved here in 2004 to work at MoD Boscombe Down. My wife works in Salisbury, and my daughter studied at Christ the King and Stonehenge School before going to 6th Form College and University. In my spare time I participate in attending car events run by a national car club. I am also a keen photographer, having seen work published in national newspapers and magazines.