Roy While

Roy While

About Roy

I was first elected to be a West Wiltshire District Councillor in 2003 and appointed to the Cabinet, responsible for finance. In 2005 I was elected to the County Council and pushed into the deep end as Chair of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee at the time of the controversial changes in local healthcare in Wiltshire...

I was re-elected to the District Council in 2007 and again appointed to the Cabinet responsible for finance. I strongly supported the setting up of the new unitary Wiltshire Council which replaced the previous County Council and the four district councils in 2009. It took a bit of getting used to, what with 98 councillors and the challenge of reductions in government grants, and the consequent need to change and improve the way we do things to ensure that we have the resources to maintain (in some cases, improve) essential services.

I stood again in the May 2013 election and was re-elected.

I am kept busy dealing with the various concerns you raise with me and participation in the planning committee of which I am Vice-Chairman. I am Vice-Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee. I have also been elected Vice-Chairman of the Council which involves representing the Council and standing in for the Chairman at various events throughout Wiltshire. I also take part on the Area Board for the Melksham community and top of our priority list are the preparations for the campus project. This is mainly achieved through the shadow community operating board (the S.C.O.B.) whose members, drawn from the community, are appointed by the area board.

I work closely with the Melksham Without Parish Council, the Bowerhill Action Group and the Neighbourhood Policing Team. In today’s world far more is achieved through partnership working.

It is not all work and no play! I try to make time to watch cricket and travel to London to watch my favourite football team as well as reading crime fiction and pottering about in the garden. And then there are the two cats we adopted from the Cats Action Trust in Melksham. I also like to spend some time with my three grandchildren. 

I am married to my wife Diane and we have three grown-up children who have ‘flown the nest’. We have lived on the Bowerhill estate on the outskirts of Melksham for 20 years. We moved here when I worked first as Treasurer and then as Chief Executive with the West Wiltshire District Council.