Stewart Dobson

Stewart Dobson

About Stewart

Dear Resident,

I have been your Wiltshire Councillor since 2013 and have been proud to work on your behalf to address your concerns and local issues...

When standing for election in 2013 you told me that education was one of your priorities. In 2017 Marlborough can be justifiably proud of its schools and in the last 4 years we have seen an extension to sixth form facilities at St. Johns and a much needed new combined Primary School at St. Marys.

Planning is very important to me. I will continue to press for more affordable housing in the town. I am very aware that any additional housing must be built on suitable sites and must include 40% affordable units. I believe that the St. Johns development is a good example of this. The great challenge is trying to ensure that infrastructure keeps up with future developments.

Our Recycling Centre has been a huge success and plays an important part in helping to protect our beautiful environment. I am very aware that more must be done to improve air quality and to reduce traffic congestion in our town to help that protection.

I will not promise anything that I cannot deliver. I will put the town and the residents needs first.

Yours sincerely,


A strong local voice. Experience and commitment.

Often the most important work an elected councillor can do is to listen to and to try and resolve local issues. This might include helping with planning issues, help in personal difficulties or other issues. Helping local people has been a privilege and has given me the most satisfaction.

I am involved in the Neighbourhood Planning Group as I believe that it is important that local people should be involved in the future development of their community.

I am passionate about improving facilities for our young people and am a member of the Local Youth Network committee who meet to consider grant applications from local youth groups. Although only recently formed it has recommended funding to the Area Board which has already been of great benefit to some of our young people.

I have encouraged the Town Council to investigate taking over the old Youth Centre as I believe that this building could be a useful asset for our youth clubs and other local groups in our community.

I encourage local people to become involved in their community. The Area Board has managed to provide many of our local groups and clubs with much needed financial help that would otherwise have been difficult to obtain.