Sven Hocking

Sven Hocking

About Sven

My name is Sven Hocking, I live in Tollgate Road, Salisbury and am currently a sitting Salisbury City Councillor for my Ward, St Martin’s and Cathedral which is the Ward I shall also be seeking election as the Wiltshire Council representative. I sit on Salisbury City Council’s Services Committee and the Human Resources sub-Committee, the Parks Working Group and take a keen interest in all thing planning and highways related...

I was educated at Bishop Wordsworth’s Grammar School in Salisbury and have worked for a number of local and international aerospace and defence companies. I have travelled extensively and worldwide and have been resident in the Middle East for several years.  I now run my own successful and expanding independent business in the City. 

I have coached mini rugby for 5 years at Salisbury Rugby Club and cricket at Steeple Langford Cricket Club for 3 years, I also helped run and organise the Harnham Junior School “Cool Sports” program for the time it was active.

I am keen angler and enthusiastic cricketer with a few trophies to show for both as well as a member of a local gym, which I do actually use!

I became involved because I felt that there were things in my local community which were not being done and that rather than complain to the local media it was better to try and do something about it.  Since becoming elected, most of the roads needing to be resurfaced have been done, there is now a proper management plan being put in place to manage the Parks and open spaces properly...

Sven's Latest Projects

My Involvement

As a Conservative City Councillor and your Wiltshire Councillor, I want to find ways to makes things better.

I am not one of those people who find endless meetings exciting, I prefer to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in.

I am open to discussion about anything and everything. So if you want to help get things done and help shape the future of the city, then come and talk to me. I will be holding regular “surgeries” where you can come and talk to me about anything and everything. I will be at the Friary Community Hall on Saturdays 25th November from10am - 11am if you would like to drop in for a chat.

Your Involvement

I can do so much and act as a focal point for local issues, but I can’t be everywhere all at once which is where you come in.

Does the pavement outside your house, or on your way to work need repairing? Does your street need to be cleaned to a higher standard? Would you like the big slide back?

What else, if anything, would you like to see?

Tackling Litter Head-On

Sven chairs the newly formed Litter Working Group which has been set up to look at all manner of waste from street litter generally, fly-tipping, black bags left on the street and commercial waste collection. There is already a new street sweeping regime in the City and this will slowly be expanded outwards when resources and funds become available. In the meanwhile, if you know of hots-spots for any of the above please let us know so we can add them into the plan.

Save the Meadows!

The site allocated at Britford Lane has been taken off the Draft Housing Sites Allocation Map, flooding and highways being two of the reasons for rejection. This of course does not mean planning permission will not still be applied for in the future but it does make it significantly harder for an application to succeed. So well done to all the “Save the Meadows” campaigners.

Keep Salisbury Clean and Tidy

You will be aware from the local press and media that the City Council may be taking back the responsibility of street sweeping and cleaning.

I am pleased about this as one of the biggest revenue streams for the City is tourism and first impressions count. Visitors should leave the City saying “wow, what a beautiful place, we will come again”.

We can achieve a high standard of cleanliness and make the City look more pleasing to the eye if we did some of the small things better. One of those small things is picking up litter, sweeping gutters and raising awareness that the bins are there for a reason, so please use them.

Making Parks Better

We have some of the best parks anywhere and our challenge is to make them even better.

We have improved Queen Elizabeth Gardens and Victoria Park over the last few years. Next on the list is Churchill Gardens which is quickly becoming the City’s “sports park” with the revamped BMX/skate park, multi-user games area and a “Parkour” (that’s free running to you and me) area in the planning. Also, there is the hugely successful “Parkrun” event held every Saturday (9am start, it’s free, fun and open to anybody, my personal best so far is 3 miles in 23 mins 30 seconds).

Next we need to upgrade the footpaths and tidy up the riverbanks among other things. My own special favourite is to bring back the big slide! The two short replacement slides are fine if you are three years old, but what are us Mums and Dads supposed to do?

Save the Meadows

I support the local campaign “Save The Meadows” to prevent a planning application to build houses on the flood plain between the river Avon and Britford Lane.

This application is not in the Core Strategy and could be very harmful to the local environment.

There is still time to register your objections to the Planning Authority at Wiltshire Council and you can do this via email to or contact me and I will forward your concerns.

Pavements and Walkways

A number of our roads have been resurfaced thanks to Wiltshire Council. The next item on my personal agenda is improving pavements.

Our pavements, both tarmac and stone are showing all the signs of serious wear and tear. My continuing mission is to find out what needs fixing and in what order. I will be working with Wiltshire and Salisbury City Council through the Parish Stewards scheme initially to work on the most serious areas of the City.

Please contact me if you have experienced a problem with cracked pavements and kerbs in your street and we will see if we can get them fixed.