Tom Rounds

Tom Rounds

About Tom

Thank you for electing me to be your Wiltshire Councillor for Calne North!...

General background and experience

I spent 40 years in the Royal Air Force. As a navigator on C130 Hercules transport aircraft, I spent some 15 years at RAF Lyneham before being posted into various ground appointments at RAF HQs and MOD Departments. I have extensive operational experience abroad in conflicts from the Falklands to the Balkans and into Afghanistan and Iraq. On leaving the RAF I have worked in the defence industry and then for myself in the field of media handling.

My values

Above all else I value honesty, integrity and transparency. It is how I have conducted my dealings with members of my community whenever I have had contact. We live in a safe and secure environment and it is important to me that this continues to be the case going forward. Calne has a good deal to be proud of and to be valued. It is those elements that we must protect and nurture. Of greatest importance is the need to nurture and mentor the youth of the Town. This is an issue which I am passionate about and am strongly supportive of planned measures to enhance and develop further provisions that will provide strong support to our youngsters.

Council work

As the Chair of the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group it has been my responsibility for the past 2 and a half years to generate our local neighbourhood plan that will be in place till 2026. The plan will be presented to the community on 21 November this year for consultation. Following the consultation period which will end in early January 2017, we will incorporate recommended changes and submit the plan to Wiltshire Council. All being well, we will present the plan to the community for approval in a referendum in May 2017. I am a member of all the major CTC committees as well as the Personnel Sub-Committee and the Finance Working Group.

Community work

Under my tenure as Mayor this year I have engaged in many civic events in support of the Calne community both here in the Town and in our sister towns in close proximity.

At the Christmas Festival this year, the Town will endeavour to break the Guinness Book of Records challenge for the most Living Figures at a Nativity Event. The record which stands at 1039 people, is held by the city of Utah in the USA. Additionally, there will be a live linkup with the town of Bethlehem and an exchange of Christmas Carols sung by the school children of the respective communities. I have been able to ensure this special event through negotiating the help of Bible Society, a Swindon based non-ecumenical organisation.

This year for the first time, I shall instigate the Mayor’s Christmas Day Lunch. The lunch is open to all people that would otherwise spend Christmas Day on their own or for young families that may find the cost of a full Christmas lunch prohibitive. It will be volunteer run and local businesses have been encouraged to make donations as appropriate.

The 2 charities that will benefit from my tenure as the Mayor are Revival – a Wiltshire only based crisis and counselling centre for adults of both genders that have suffered sexual abuse and rape – and the Calne Branch of the Royal British Legion.

Personal and family background

I am married to Rachel and we have a delightful 4 year old son. I enjoy backpacking and wild camping, cycle touring and play golf (sometimes and badly).

Other information

As your Conservative Wiltshire Councillor, I shall bring 4 years of councillor experience from my time here representing Calne North Ward on Calne Town Council. My administrative and leadership skills have been honed in the military and have helped me blend seamlessly into my civic responsibilities here in the Town and I hope, in the future, as a Wiltshire Councillor representing the Calne North Ward community. My leadership skills and an innate ability to negotiate the perils of collegiate environments is readily proven in my appointment to Chair the highly important Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and to being voted the Town Mayor within only 3 years of holding the responsibility of being a town councillor. I would hope to carry forward these skills and attributes into the role of representing Calne North Ward at Wiltshire Council from next year’s elections.

Help and advice

As a Calne Town Councillor (Calne North Ward) and Mayor, I am deeply involved in many of the major development projects in the Town as well as all the civic events that characterise our community. The past three years have been an exciting time helping the community shape the future of Calne.

I am keen to engage with you and to get your views on issues that you feel are important to us as a community, to help solve issues that may be an irritant in our everyday lives and to take forward your suggestions on how to best improve our way of life here in Calne.

I have found that it is always helpful and wise to listen to the views of local resident’s and so I am inviting you to contact me to let me know your opinions on major issues that concern you in the community.

You can contact me via my email at, on my mobile at 07771 760 300 or my landline at 01249 812 464.

I look forward to hearing from you.