Tony Trotman

Tony Trotman

About Tony

As a Conservative Wiltshire Councillor I represent the division of Calne Chilvester and Abberd. I am also Chairman of the Northern Area Planning Committee, and Vice-Chairman of Strategic Planning. I have to consider the growth and implications to the economy of Calne and other towns in the county. As Calne's Deputy Mayor this year, I have a voice on all the Committees to the benefit of the residents whom I serve...

My values

The residents of Calne supported my family business for 76 years; I have supported them in return through my community work with volunteer groups.

As a businessman I am passionate to grow the economy of our market town, making sure that residents gain value for their lifetime.

Council work

I was the Mayor of Calne in 1992/3 and again in 2002/3, having been a member of Calne's District and County Councils for over 26 years. I sit on many Unitary (Wiltshire) Council Committees including the Environment Select, Strategic Planning and I chair the North Area Planning Committee. 

Community work

I am the Chairman of the Calne Heritage Centre Trustees, having being involved since its inception in 1994. I have been involved with Calne's Round Table and Rotary groups throughout my time on the Council, helping to raise money for the benefit of our community.

Personal and Family background

I have lived, been educated and worked in Calne all my life. I have been married to Miriam for 42 years and we adore living in Calne with our children and grandchildren.

Additional Information

I'd like to continue my work on the Council to restore Calne's prosperity and encourage its growth to facilitate the infrastructure that it requires. 

Help and Advice

With my experience of council work, acquired over 26 years, I can advise residents on matters that may be of concern. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance to you on Calne-related matters, whether personal or general.